Biome Essence

Biome is a product from Cavi Cosmetics that authentic glutathione import from Spain are the best quality in the world that we had reduce the size to the nano level makes absorbs into the skin better, This reducing the production of pigment cells more effectively than general glutathione in the market.

It also contains aloe extract to help moisturize the skin and there is contains Coenzyme Q10 which can protect the skin from free radicals that cause of aging, making the skin look full of water Clear white, look younger.


  • Reduced glutathione 600 mg
  • Ascorbic acid 300 mg
  • Coenzy Q10 60 mg
  • Aloe Barbadensis left juice 40 mg


  • Adjust the skin to be white and bright.
  • Helps to moisturize the skin.
  • Makes the skin firm.

10 Vials of 5 ml per Box.